I am Alex Guy, of GAlexy Photo

Photographer, Cook, Dog Dad, Master of Jokes, both Painfully Bad And Inappropriately Timed

Photography started in 2010, for me. But before that I was a cook for several years, landscaper, graphics installer, you name it.

It wasn’t until I found wedding photography that I realized there was a career out there that supported my wild adventurous mind, my love for serving others, and my need for a creative outlet. All while getting to the see the world? Deal.

Photography is all I do for work, but when I am not working you can reliably find me ‘scritchin’ my pup Wilma, tinkering with electronics, playing a game, reading or just exploring a nook or corner of the world.

But people like you, and what makes you unique, is what fascinates me above all else. So when you reach out, don’t be afraid to tell me all about you!

Alex Trivia
Lightning Round

Obligatory travel photo: Peru

This is why I can never get my cases fully hair-free.

These three girls take up just about my whole heart.

Every day has a soundtrack. That is why I’m proud to have covered events like MOPOP.

My Style? You tell Me!


I work within my professional guidelines but don’t think my work should tell you how your day looked. Rather the opposite.


Throughout the day, I am given many opportunities to use color, light, texture and more to naturally draw the eye.


Little moments (I always say “how you would act if I wasn’t there”) come together to make up the big picture that is YOUR story.

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