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Hi, I’m Alex

Michigan based since birth. Photographer since 2010.

As your advocate and ally, I aim to capture the love, energy, and beauty of your wedding, and I take pride in being a trusted presence on your special day.

My top priority has been to bring out the best in you and your partner, and I do this by respecting the flow and energy of your day while expertly guiding you when needed. When you choose an experienced professional, your special story will be captured with care and respect. The key to creating unforgettable memories is real interactions and emotions, and I strive to make you feel heard, seen, and valued.

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Your Most Important Resource Or Guide

What matters Most


One of the greatest acts of love and respect is to be open and honest. You’ve entrusted a pro to immortalize your day. That requires a balance between letting you be yourselves while stepping in when needed and giving honest input.


All sexualities, genders, customs and faiths (or lack thereof!) are welcome here.

Couples are a blend of not only themselves but what makes them who they are. Frankly it is what I enjoy most about this career. No two weddings are the same and when you can celebrate that, they never get boring!


All resources are finite, especially time.
To honor whatever we are fortunate enough to have, we should approach all things with as much care and dedication as we can. In the case of wedding photography: that means always pushing myself to offer the best service I can.


The importance of having your most cherished memories last hasn’t gone anywhere. Even as the era of the thumb drive has. Your memories shouldn’t hide in a folder. That is why I make sure you at least get prints or an album with your digital images!

Next Steps


You let me know your date and location, I send you juicy details like pricing, then we set up a time to chat (over the phone or in person).
When you are ready, signing and paying online locks in your date!


I will share my knowledge and experience along the way and help set your day up so that when it finally arrives, you can cut loose and soak it all in. Put your hands up and enjoy the ride!


You will get your gallery shortly after your wedding day as well as print credits to get those beautiful images somewhere they wont be missed.


Pricing & Information

Peak dates begin at $1800

Couples with a full day spend $3000, on average.

Reach out for an approximate quote or for more info on small weddings!

Frequently Asked Questions

True-to-life Pop. I know it may sound contradictory, but I never edit the saturation in my images. Instead, I rely on light (natural or otherwise) to enhance the contrast, color, and composition of my shots. This allows me to create eye-catching images that accurately represent your special day. After all, you didn’t spend a week choosing colors just for me to turn them all orange, right?

So glad you asked! Though I’m based in Dearborn, I have covered events all across the country, from Colorado to the Carolina’s. I enjoy taking a break from beautiful Michigan, to explore different parts of the world. That’s why I the travel special is getting extended for another year. For all sessions more than 3 hours from me, you only need to cover the travel expenses at cost. I’m great at finding affordable flights and AirBNB’s!

The current average is 2 weeks, with a guarantee of 3 weeks from your wedding date.

Check out the full FAQ section or lets just chat and answer all your questions at once!

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What is 7+4?

Why A Photographer in Southeast Michigan?

I have actually lived all across the state, from Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Detroit, Ypsilanti and now Dearborn. Photo has been a passion for well over a decade. But in the end, it is really just convenient way to check all the the boxes of: meet cool people, see cool sites, and creatively express myself throughout.